Expert4x has created a highly discounted bundle of our 4 best trading Robots

Why do we regard these Robots as our best Robots

Expert4x produces over 1000 re-optimised settings for most of our trading robots on a monthly basis. These 4 robots are consistently at the top of the list in many of various instruments that can be traded by these 4 Robots - see the details below


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PLEASE NOTEthe results above are optimized results that answer the question: What are the best results the could have been achieved in the last 12 months? This means that those results are an analysis of the past based on perfect knowledge of market conditions and price action over a 12 month period. They do not represent a promise of future profitability in any way. Future profitability is highly uncertain in the volatile markets traded and there is no implied guarantee or promise profitability. There are no magic settings that can warrant or ensure profits from one day to next - You trade these markets at your own risk. Our Robots perform technically as described in our user manuals and on marketing pages.

The 4 best Robots are further being developed to have Day Trading versions that will be available in December 2021

Here are the clickable links:          RSI           7-EDGE            ADX           MAMultiplier



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