Are you tired of seeing other Robot traders succeed while you are battling?


Now there is no need to wonder whether you will develop the trading skills to earn above average Robot trading income

(Participate with a trading account as small as $100 - see below)


You may have noticed that many Robot traders in our trading competitions, forums and external reviewers have reached the level where they can trade independently and don’t need to rely on others for their success. They are generating considerable returns.

We have create a linking service between our successful Robot traders and those who are still struggling to be successful or are new to trading. The service will not only link the transactions but will also provide guidance on whether the traders linking to the service are using appropriate position sizing, have the appropriate account size, leverage etc. according  to the account being copied

We have developed very specific Robot trading copying software to make sure that users do not expose themselves to excessive risks that will typically cause big losses or blown accounts

You will be able to use the service using any broker account if it meets the leverage, minimum account balance etc. requirements of the signal provider.

Most services will be based on a minimum of a $10 000 account so the use of cent accounts is encouraged (see below). Over time more accounts requiring only $1 000 will be introduced. Using cent accounts you can start trading using as little as $100 - see cent accounts below.

Signal providers will be compensated based on the how often their signals are used (use this link for more details: Signal providers will link their accounts to the FXBlue service once the service starts. Only robot generated signals will be allowed. Non Expert4x Robots will also be allowed.

You do not have to own the Robot that you are linking to. Both signal provider or accounts being copied to can be demo or live accounts.

Some of the many account charts you can choose from

To see these charts click on the account links further down on this page

There are many obstacles that cause traders to lose a lot of money very early and during their robot trading careers. These include:

  1. Unrealistic expectations, like believing that optimized, shared set files will guarantee success (Settings will work for any broker account, any instrument and any market conditions)
  2. The inability to match position sizing to the account size used (trading $10 000 settings on a $500 account or trading too many instruments on a small account)
  3. Putting all your eggs in 1 basket trading approach (not spreading risk by using many diverse successful strategies)
  4. The high cost and time required to do Robot trading (Cost of Robots, Adequate Computers to do optimization and trading, VPS expenses, Data and internet services, etc.)
  5. The skills that have to be mastered - Optimization, testing, selecting the best settings, Know the functions all settings,  fixing failing Robots, Portfolio management etc.
  6. The inability to develop the personal attributes required for Robot Trading (Trading takes specific ways of thinking and a special psychological makeup that many traders battle to develop)

So you can use this service exclusively to Make Money (No Trading skills required) or you can use it to supplement your own trading (Earn while you learn) - The choice is YOURS

  1. As a Premium Forum member, you will be presented with 5 to 15 profitable trading strategies that have a trading record. Use this link to see the current linking accounts: LINKING ACCOUNTS.  Also see an example of these strategies below.
  2. You can then choose which ones of the strategies you want to copy (the more more your risk will be reduced)
  3. You will be provided will a licensed trade copy Robot specific to the service that you want to copy. DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS
  4. All you have to do is install the copying Robot onto your accounts platform and start linking to trading accounts.
  5. Premium memebrs can link to 3 accounts for free. If you need to link to more accounts you can purchase more licences from the EAFactory website youdownload the Receiver Robot from
  6. The robot will initially check if your account meets the minimum requirements of the signal provider as will a whether you are using the appropriate position sizing
  7. You can switch signal providers as often as you like thereby improving your portfolio income
  8. The copying service will remain in place as long as you have a valid paid Forum subscription
  9. Your MetaTrader Platform will have to be connected to your brokers server all the time when using this service. You can either keep you computer on all the time or use a VPS service.

This weeks accounts

you can link to with an account as small as $100 !!

Please click on the Signal Provider links to see full details about each signal provider


The list below has already been evaluated against 6 risk management criteria and these accounts meet ALL the main selection criteria of:

  1. Floating Proft and loss under -$1000 (10%)
  2. Account age bigger than 90 days
  3. Monthly average gain bigger than 10%
  4. Worst 8 weekly drawdown of less than -$1000
  5. Gains in the last 8 weeks more than $1000 (10%)
  6. 8 weekly return on Drawdown (Prop trading Ratio) more than 150%

To see many more linkable accounts please use this link: 


Please note:

  1. The table is sortable. Please use the arrows in the table headings
  2. The table below is also downloadable. Please use the icon at the bottom of the table
  3. It is colour coded to show the top 30% (GREEN) and bottom 30% (RED) of values

Please note:

  1. The table is sortable. Please use the arrows in the table headings
  2. The table below is also downloadable. Please use the icon at the bottom of the table
  3. It is colour coded to show the top 30% (GREEN) and bottom 30% (RED) of values

You will note that the majority of accounts are are trading the Profit Retriever which is currently are most successful Robot by far. It does however require minimum account of $10 000 to trade. Because of this most traders use cent accounts that allow you to deposit $100 that turns into $10 000 as the account regards $100.00 as cents but discloses the balance as $10 000. For more details see below.

  1. The Weekly Linked Account Movement Report measures an accounts performance since it was listed on the service. It is important to measure this to ensure good performance to our users. Under performers (Negative performers) are moved to an under performing group that continues trading until the account recovers or until there are no longer any live accounts following them
  2. You will see that most accounts have postive as well as negative weeks. This is normal in robot trading as the market is constanly changing and account linking should therefore be regarded as a longer term investment. Investment (account) hopping can be very bad to overall performance so resist the urge to change the accounts you are following just because it has had a negative week.
  3. The movements below are based on changes in equity balances and therefore do not represent realised profits or actual losses
  4. Please click on the Signal Provider links to see more details of the accounts

How to Join the Service and link your account

Watch the video below

Link to a signal provider in 5 easy step

Step 1: Become a free member of the premium forum: Join the Forum

Step 2: Become a paid member of the forum: Join the Paid Forum

Step 3: Learn all about the service: How it works

Step 4: download the Receiver EA: Download Receiver

Step 5: Select an account to link to and activate the link. See the video on the left

So, what makes this Copying service different?

  1. So much more to choose from. There will be more than 10 signals to choose from at any only time.
  2. Risk managed Copying software. The copying software will always check if your accounts size and position sizing is appropriate for the signals being followed
  3. Ability to chop and change signals. If you do not like the signals from one signal supplier, you can change to another at any time
  4. Ability to use many signals to build a portfolio. There is no limit of the number of signals you can follow
  5. Signals supplied by many traders. The signal will be provided by many traders
  6. Only automated Robot signals are provided. That is the idea of the service
  7. No need to own the robot that is generating the signals. The copying Robot takes trades directly to your trading account
  8. Live trading results are always available. Signal suppliers are linked to FXBlue so you can access their trading on a live basis
  9. Demo and Live accounts can be used. We encourage you to use a demo account for a few days to make sure everything is going fine and then the switch to other accounts once happy.
  10. Low cost alternative of benefiting from Robot trading. Be a member of the Paid Forum for as little as $30 a month (If paid annually)
  11. You can use your own broker account. You don't have to have the same broker as the signal provider

The video below shows 2 of the major features that makes it possible for users to compare their results with sender results

Below is the detailed Receiver Robot dashboard that compares the 10 last trades received between the Sending Robot and the Receiving Robot. It also does the same comparison for the last 10 Closed trades. Please watch the video above for more details about this DASHBOARD

Join the service with an account of $100

The Need for Cent accounts by some traders

As mentioned previously there are strict account sizing requirements when linking your account to a trading account - these requirements are shown in the list of linkable accounts as shown above

Our most popular trading Robot is the Profit Retriever for account linking. It geenrally requires an account of $10 000. Many traders do not have that much trading capital to follow only 1 account.

The answer is cent accounts offered by certain brokers. The accounts take the amount you deposit into your account and reflect the balance in cents. However the cents are still reflected as dollars in the accounts. So a $100 deposit will convert to a $10 000 in a cent account. It is only for presentation purposes, but this allow the account to be traded as a $10 000 account. The robot sees the account as a $10 000. For more details please watch this videos below.

Also we strongly suggest that you do not put all your eggs in 1 basket by only linking to 1 account. It is better to create a portfolio of many accounts so that potential losses in 1 accounts can be offset against profits in other accounts

How to open a cent account

How cent accounts work

David Brink

YouTube Comment:  I bought some of the EAs that they provide looked at all his videos and lost a lot because either I was inpatient or did not understand my ea and the market... This service takes all of that away.. I am close to recovering everything I lost in a month... By following this service.. This is by far the best side income you can possibly hope for.. I am blowing his trumpet coz he changed my life with this service.

David Brink, Premium Forum Member

Please watch this video for guidance on how to get the best from linking your account



The service is FREE to existing paid forum members.

Each Paid premium member will be able to link to 3 accounts for free. If you want to link to more than 3 accounts;

  • you can do that for $20 per month for an additional 3 accounts (6 in total).
  • you can do that for $30 per month for an additional 7 accounts (10 in total)
  • Unlimited access to all accounts is $60 per month (Unlimited)

Please remember that the cost of Premium membership can increase at any time without warning. Currently the effective membership varies between $30 per month and 42.50 depending on the membership options selected.


do a 14 day Trial

Please note that after joining the forum the FREE service is benefit 15