The Expert4x Proprietary Trading Competition

This competition is a RACE to qualify for the Trading requirements of Proprietary Trading offerings.


The competition carries prize money of a minimum of

$2 750


The prize money is distributed as follows



























The Rules are:

  1. The competition is one of TIME. So it is RACE. Prize winners will be in the order that they qualify as passing the requirements of Proprietary Trading phases or steps. The standard rules regarding Performance and Deposits do not apply.
  2. Traders will be measured by the rules that apply to the Proprietary Trading trading test they participating in. Meeting the Proprietary Trading requirements will determine whether prize money requirements have been met.
  3. The trading account used for the Proprietary Trading should have no prior closed or active trades. So registration for the FXBlue competition prior to starting trading is essential.
  4. All trades opened have to be made by an Expert4x Trading robot. They can be managed manually or on an automated basis after that.
  5. See the process of linking your account to the competition in the video below. Please use the same account details as those using in respect of the Proprietary trading process.
  6. Make sure your account details (trades etc) can be accessed from the competition participant list (Please do not use access codes) - Make sure the fact that you uses an Expert4x EA can be seen from your FXBlue link details
  7. You can enter as many trading accounts into the competition as you like. You can however only win 1 prize for every phase of the qualification process. So  prize can be earned per qualification phase
  8. As the competition is about qualifying and passing steps in the Proprietary Trading process participants can choose their own account balances and trading styles
  9. Proof of entering the Proprietary Trading qualification process and of qualification will need to be supplied - this could vary from pictures or shared emails.
  10. Traders that qualify for a phase where they have paid a fee will receive and additional 50% bonus on any prize money.
  11. When traders qualify as winners / qualifiers of the competition on the same day, the prize money for that day will be divided equally between them
  12. If any of the above is unclear or ambiguous please clarify your understanding before you start trading
  13. By joining the Competition you agree to particulate in forum discussions about your general trading approach using robots should you win a prize. You details will also be used for Expert4x promotional activities.

**** WINNERS ****

  1. Please post a confirmation of your success in the paid Forum and discuss your trading approach
  2. If you are not a paid member please send me a confirmation of meeting all the requirements and your trading strategy to Expert4x using the contact us on this page:
  3. Please provide your your bitcoin/PayPal details to Expert4x using the contact us on this page:
  4. Please supply your competition account reference and make sure that all your account (Specially comments) are being feed through to FX Blue so that I can verify that only Expert4x EAs have been used

How previous winners won

  • Know your Trading Robot settings completely

  • Back test it to get to know it even better

  • Use different trading instruments - Forex, Crypto, Indices etc

  • Use different time frames (5 min to 4 Hour)

  • Watch what you competition is doing

  • Enter as many times as you can using many proprietary trading offerings. position and reduce risk

Linking your account to the Trading Challenge

Watch this video to see how you link your trading account to the trading competition. Please note this video is based on the previous competition but the linking process remains the same.

There are 4 steps before you can start trading

  1. Link your empty account to FXBlue and sync it (The publisher EA is faster)
  2. Enter the competition while logged in and click on the email sent to you
  3. Make sure your account appears in the competition list with “no data” soon after step 2.
  4. Only trade once the account CHANGES from “no Data” to 0% gain.

You will be disqualified by FXBlue if you activate your EA before your entry has 0.0% Growth status

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Please use the FXBlue Competition Forum at this link:- COMPETITION FORUM