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Where can I find details of all your Products, bundles and Prices?

Prices and the complete product list are available on this link: .

Please click on the name of the product you need more information on and you will be taken to its marketing page with considerable information

One of the best alternatives is our 60% off 3 EA bundle which consist of the DreamMachine, Grid Trend Multiplier and MakeMoney EA. The advantage of these 3 EAs is that they all have Plug-n-Play versions (beginner friendly) with the best currencies and settings built into the Robot. Further they create a good mix of trending and sideways robots that is essential for long term success. These are ideal for beginner and busy traders.


How much money do I need to trade your Robots?

In general our EAs require $1000 to be traded using position sizing of 0.01 every time they are used. Further position sizing guidance is given on the marketing pages of our trading Robots.

However, the $1000 can be reduced to $10 by using 1c accounts (Details below).

Click Here to view a video about 1c Account:  1c Accounts Video

Click here to on a 1c Account  Open a 1c Account here


How does your Product Licensing work?

Unfortunately, we do not provide trial versions of our products.

When purchasing any of our Trading Robots you will be able to trade them as often as you like on as many MetaTrader Platforms and Broker accounts as you like as long as you do not use them on more than 2 computers.

A VPS service is regarded as a computer.

If you want to move to other computers you simply disable the Robot from your old computer and activate the EA on your new computer.

You can purchase additional licences from EA factory  if required.

This means you can use the EAs in an unrestricted way completely. They can be active on as many accounts, platforms, computers etc as long as you stick to the rule:- – you can not actively use the EA on more than 2 computers at the same time.

To instal more versions of the EA on other computers simply download the installation program from the EAFactory website and run it on the computer you want to use (The EA can not be copied).





Trading the Forex Market is very risky and anything can happen at any time. Therefore, as stated on all our marketing pages, we have a no refund policy and offer no guarantees of profitability. This is mainly because our Expert Advisors technically perform as described and have been tested extensively.


Marketing material may contain optimized results to show the profit potential of an robot but those results are a best case scenario and can not be expected to repeat into the future. Settings supplied by one trader can not be expected to work the same way for another trader.


Robot traders vary considerably in terms of robot trading experience and ability. We have no control over the way Forex traders use our Expert Advisors after they have been purchased. We do our best to provide all the information required to make a purchasing decision in our marketing material and provide full technical and trading support to assist our clients.

The best we offer a replacement Expert Advisor or product should the trader be able to provide trading records showing that the Robot is not suitable for the traders purposes.



Over the years marketers have created many misconceptions about Robot Trading. Many traders believe that you can simply purchase a trading Robot and plug it into your trading platform and it will just print money.

Please view the videos below to get a balanced view of the potential of Robot trading


I am a complete beginner to trading where do I start

The most import thing to do is gain some trading experience and and at the same time get exposure to as many aspects of Forex trading (Don’t specialize in any technique too soon).

We would suggest:

Step 1: Open a demo account and start trading. It does not matter what your results are and how you guess where entries, stops and target need to be. Do your trading while doing steps 2 and 3.  You can use any broker – Please use this link for ideas on choosing a broker:-

Step 2:The best free beginners Forex course in the industry can be found here:-

Step 3: After you have completed that course our Simple-n-Easy series will give you a good overview of the majority of trading techniques use to trade the Forex market.   All the modules are freely downloadable from our Forum from this link:-   You may need to join the free forum to access these modules

Step 4: After this process you can decide whether you want to be a manual trader or use automated Robots. You can make this decision after you have done the first 3 steps.

It is critical that you know about money management, risk management, system testing and position sizing before doing any Forex robot trading.







A guide to the potential Profitability of our EAs can best be found when looking at our optimized settings provided to EA Owners and is freely available using this link:-




What Robot settings are available?

Every month we supply fresh updated optimized settings for our set and forget Robots. These are settings that worked best on our Robots over the most recent 12 month period. We do over 17 Million tests every month to deliver these setting to our clients. The settings also show the relative potential of the various Robots

We provide a free setting service based on Forex instruments and 100:1 leverage. Those settings can be downloaded from this link 


We also provide much more advanced setting on our Paid Forum which take Forex, indices, metals and Crypto into account. The setting also take lower leverage and lower risk approaches into account.


Please note the optimized settings in the form of set files do not guarantee that the results will repeat into the future. Those settings are merely guides to what works and the potential on the trading Robot.


Where can I find details of the over 1000 free Expert4x support videos?

We have over 1000 videos about our Robots and Forex trading strategies. Our Robots have freely viewable videos which you can access using this link: - expert4x.videos

Videos have been sorted into many portfolios to make it easier for your to find a video that you maybe interested in.  Alternatively you can search on Google or YouTube using the topic you are interested in with "Expert4x" as part of the search

YouTube subscribers get 50% our Robots


Do your Robots work on US Broker accounts?


We have a special section in our forum that provides full information of options available to US traders as well as a Question and Answer section. There is also a downloadable PDF of information. Please visit our forum at this link:-   (You may have to join the forum for access to this information – joining is free)



Our products are supported by EAFactory. Over the years, we have made it very easy to install the EA with detailed instructions. If you encounter technical problems email support is provided. You can contact them at They offer technical support for your EA and deliver your product activation details to your PayPal email address.  On their website you will find a product information section on the download page.

It contains more details about how to get the best out of your EA that could include user manual, settings, training information etc. EAFactory and Expert4x are independent businesses and have a joint venture arrangement.  When you purchase one of our EAs supplied by EAFactory, a webpage is created for you to manage all your purchases and to download the latest versions etc. This website is at . The login details are supplied by EAFactory when you purchase a product.

Adminstative and trading support is provided by Expert4x at   info at

We also have 2 forum where trading and Robot discussions take place and where we supply many free courses and indicators

Free Forum

Paid Forum





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  2. 75% off:  Currently, we are running a promotion where you can purchase 16 of our trading robots for 75% discount:-
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  4. 70% Off: Purchase a Bundle of selected EAs which run on MT5 (and MT4) :
  5. Just a reminder that once you become an Expert4x client, all future purchases are at a 50% discount.
  6. YouTube subscribers get a 50% discount automatically
  7. Premium Members get 60% off any of our single EAs and further discounts on the Bundle products mentioned in points 1 to 3 above. Use this link to become a Premium Member: FORUM



Unfortunately, there have been recent restrictive, Australian changes regarding the marketing of financial products, services and discussions on the internet and social media. These changes prevent us from doing business and communicating with Australian residents regarding our services.

The technical support of our products is not impacted by this, and you can still communicate directly with EAFactory at support   at . You can also continue to send emails to    info  at  regarding other inquiries.

If you need to use our websites for support, training, and other reasons there is the option of using a VPN (Virtual Private network) to change your current internet location to a non-Australian location . Using a VPN (nominating another country) you can access to all our websites and forums. If you do not already use a VPN service, please Google “Free VPN Australia” to find free VPN services. Expert4x uses a paid VPN service which is part of our security software (Norton’s) to access our own websites and forums.



We provide 2 means of Payment


PayPal generally accepts all Credit Cards. You product delivery delivery is automated through PayPal - so when purchasing you will receive a download popup and your will receive an Email from EAFactory with account and download details.  The Email you used for your PayPal account will be used for this communication. Our Forum membership subscription is also administered through PayPal.

Crypto Payments

Alternative to PayPal is Crypto Payment. Please contact us if you cannot use PayPal.

Unfortunately we can not offer any other means of payment



Broker selection is a specialized area where you need to take your personal financial needs and location into account. Expert4x does not offer direct personal assistance in broker selection but can provide guidance. The best starting point is to Google for Brokers servicing your Country.

Please note our EAs do not run on US Brokers due to hedging and FIFO restrictions - our US Traders all use offshore Brokers

For assistance finding a broker that will be just right for you, please use this link: - .

You can also use these links that are quite useful: - ,


I have been trading on a manual basis and want to try Robots. How do I start?

You have a good advantage if you have been trading on a manual basis. Robot trading will however require you to learn new skills in order to rely on automated trading results.

These skill will include (amongst others):

  1. Being able to back test and optimize Robots
  2. Being able to forward test robot and make setting changes to improve results
  3. Being able to create you own robot settings


Which is your best Trading Robot?


What makes a trading Robot is the trader (it user) - There are no settings that will work on all the currencies and timeframes all the time so trader judgement will be required for most robots

The Best Robot for a beginner trader with limited experience in the Grid Trend Multiplier. It comes in a plug-n-play version to make it easier to start trading and then a regular versions where more experienced traders can generate higher returns

Traders who are confident at find their own settings and want to become professional trader who trade up to $400 000 of other peoples money and keep 70% of the profit the recommended Robot is the Make Money Day Trader

There is a 3 Robot bundle which include Plug-n-play versions of our best Robots which allows busy traders or trader with low experience levels to trade quickly as the settings are built into the Robot     3 Robot Bundle


Can I use your Robots to create a Professional trading career trading large amounts of other peoples money ?


Accessing our client websites and Forums

You will be required to log into the EAFactory website and our Forums. Please bear in mind all our website and forums are independent. So you need specific login credentials for each website or Forum. The smart thing to do is to use the same Username and Password for all our Forum and websites.

If you have problems, there are 2 things to do:

  1. Re-register or
  2. use the password recovery process

In some instances, you will be locked out for trying the wrong login details too often. The lockout normally lasts an hour so you can retry later. Also, you may have different EAFactory accounts due to your EAFactory email details differing from your PayPal account registered Email. If you have EAFactory login problems, try the approach above and then contact them at support  at  .  EAFactory and Expert4x are separate businesses. As a last resort please delete all browser cookies and reboot your computer.



Free Course on how to optimise and find EA settings:

Totally new to Forex Trading:



Brokers set there currencies up in different ways, have difference trading times and different limitations. Traders have different experience levels and the smallest mistake can potentially blow your trading account. It is very important that you follow the guidance below to avoid any unpleasant surprises

The best process we recommend for going live with any new Robot is: -

  1. Do not trade on a live account until you have experienced positive results on a demo account over a 2 to 4-week period (Don’t be in a hurry).
  2. Use position sizing of 0.01 for every currency for every $1 000 in your demo account and later in your live account. If you don’t have $1000 in your account consider using 1c accounts
  3. Test as many currencies and timeframes as your computer resources allow for 2 to 4 weeks. 10 to 20 combinations are recommended.
  4. Basic optimized results and set files are available from a link on the EAFactory product information page
  5. Learn how to download testing set files using this video
  6. Learn how to calibrate and optimize the EA for your broker account using this video

Before using live money the Robot will ask you to answer 6 questions

before it will activate on a live account