Competition Overview

2017 Expert4x

Forex Trading Challenge

In the last few years Expert4x has run some great trading competitions (see the results below). There have been some very nice cash and holiday prizes won by our trading clients. In the past the prizes ranged from overseas Bahamas Holidays, $5 000 and $ 3 000. This trading challenge will be different in that ANY EAs or manual trading techniques can be used to achieve the best return on Equity over a 5 week period. The object is to stimulate trader creativity to come up with trading approaches and techniques we all can learn from.

Why not accept the challenge and enter this FOREX TRADING CHALLENGE. You can enter and join the competition at any time and trade any  trading tools or techniques you like.  Entry is free and there are some nice cash and product prizes to be won.

Forex competitions are great as they show what is possible when trading Forex. They are also good learning experiences when winners are prepared to share their strategies. They will help many traders come out of their shells and actually trade with aim of generating gains. Hopefully Watchers will become Players too.

This year we are offering $ 6 000 worth of prizes – many of them in hard cash. To open the competition up to all traders, the top 21 traders will all receive prizes.

The competition runs from 21h00 (GMT) 25th of June 2017 to 21h00 30th of July 2017 (5 weeks)


down to 21st place

1st Prize

$2000 of Expert4x EAs or Indicators



$ 1 000 US in Cash

2nd Prize

$1000 of Expert4x EAs or Indicators



$ 500 US in Cash

3rd Prize

$500 of Expert4x EAs or Indicators



$ 250 US in Cash

4th to 10th Prize

$200 of Expert4x products

11th to 21th Prize

$100 of Expert4x products

Competition Rules

The Rules are quite simple.

  1. You can use demo and live accounts and you can trade manual or automated systems
  2. The winners will be the traders with the biggest Return on initial investment
  3. The competition runs from 21h00 (GMT) 25th of June 2017 to 21h00 30th of July 2017 (5 weeks)
  4. You can join the competition at any time after the start
  5. You can have as many entries as you like
  6. Please note that you can only start trading once your competition registration has been confirmed. You are not allowed to start with any active trades. Please allow 30 minutes after linking your account to FXBlue before trading.
  7. Your trading account must be made available for auditing and verification if this is required at any stage of the competition
  8. There are 21 prizes in this competition (see the details below). To give everybody a chance of winning a single trader can only win 1 prize. Traders have to have positive results to qualify for a prize.
  9. Before you start trading you need to notify Mary McArthur at mary (att) expert4x . (com) of your competitor name and email address. This will also enable her to send you your participation bonus.
  10. Please note that cash prizes will be paid via PayPal – you need a PayPal account to receive your prize.
  11. Winners must be willing to share there basic trading approach and strategy used in the competition (Not the finer detail).

To take part in the competition, you need to publish your trading account to FX Blue Live. Winners may be required to give the competition organiser a read-only password for their trading account in order to verify the results.

Linking your account to the competition

There are 4 steps before you can start trading

  1. Link your empty account to FXBlue and sync it
  2. Enter the competition while logged in and click on the email sent to you
  3. Make sure your account appears in the competition list with “no data” soon after step 2.
  4. Only trade once the account goes from “no Data” to 0% gain.

You will be disqualified by FXBlue if you trade before your entry has 0.0% Growth status

How to Enter

You can use any Broker account. If however, you need a demo account to use for this Competition please use this link

Why you should Enter

  1. Watchers never win
  2. You can't win a prize if you don't enter
  3. Nobody is going to know who you are (you trade under a pseudonym) so if your results are poor nobody will know
  4. You can enter as often as you like to increase your chances of success
  5. It is great practice for the real thing
  6. It teaches you to focus on making money
  7. Participation widens your horizons
  8. Participation will show you areas you need to work on
  9. Participation gets you out of your comfort zone
  10. It increases your trading skills
  11. You can participate at any age, sex or background
  12. It stretches you
  13. It is fun
  14. You can compete with and challenge your friends.

Past Competition results and winners


2 Months


3 Months


3 Months