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SPECIAL 2021 Bundle Offer       78% OFF !

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Expert4x ran a $30 000 Forex trading competition for all their 14 Set and Forget EAs which ended at the end of January 2019. The details below show that they  were ALL being traded on a positive basis by their clients and are current and up to date:- For details of this competition please use this link:- 14 EA Competition

Most of clients purchase a number of our Expert Advisors. Rather than purchasing EAs slowly over time  you can now purchase 8 of the Competition EAs, as well as the Newly Created Moving Average Multiplier; and the Double in a Day EA and 360 Degree indicator for a whopping  78% Forex Peace Army discount.

For full details about the EAs below please use this link: EXPERT4 EAs

NEW BONUS: As an added bonus Expert4x has added their new PERFORMANCE ANALYSER to your package. The Performance Analyser helps you manage many Forex Robots on 1 trading account. This will help you to trade, manage, monitor and test a portfolio of different Forex Robots at the same time. For more details please use this link: PERFORMANCE ANALYSER 

In this Bundle you get 9 Types of Trading Robots

  • Trending Robot (Make Money EA & MA Multiplier EA)
  • Sideways Market Robot (Tradeable RSI EA & MA Multiplier EA)
  • Automated Indicator Robots (Tradeable MACD EA)
  • Grid Trading Robots (Grid Trend Multiplier EA)
  • Currency Strength Robot (Dream Machine EA)
  • Random Market Robot (Time of Day EA)
  • Retracement Robots (RSI Envelope EA)
  • Informational Robot (360 Degree EA)
  • Top Up Robot (Double in a Day EA)

DISCLAIMER: The Forex market is volatile and generally unpredictable. It is dangerous. History is not guaranteed to repeat itself so past results shown are mere guides to potential profitability. We can therefore not guarantee positives results when using our Forex trading tools - we therefore do not offer any refunds on our trading tools based on your trading performance. We will provide refunds due to technical problems. Please test your Robots on your own Broker account thoroughly before using live funds.