Grid Trend Multiplier Trading Challenge 2021

The competition carries prize money of $ 2 000


First Prize is $1 000,

Second prize is $ 700 and

3rd Prize is $300

First Prize $ 1 000

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(Started on Money 22 March at the open of the market - You can enter at any time)


FXBlue Competition main rules (see more rules below)

TIPS and Additional rules:

  1. Please use $10 000 demo accounts - it makes working out who is leading much easier.
  2. Make sure your demo accounts will be valid for at least 10 weeks and will not expire
  3. See the process of linking your account to the competition in the video below.
  4. Use a completely NEW demo account without any entries for every competition entry.
  5. Make sure your account details (trades etc) can be accessed from the competition participant list (Please do not use access codes)
  6. You can enter as many trading accounts into the competition as you like.
  7. Each participant can only win 1 prize.


You should enter


  1. Watchers never win

  2. You can't win a prize if you don't enter

  3. Nobody is going to know who you are (you trade under a pseudonym) so if your results are poor nobody will know

  4. You can enter as often as you like to increase your chances of success

  5. It is great practice for the real thing

  6. It teaches you to focus on making money

  7. Participation widens your horizons

  8. Participation will show you areas you need to work on

  9. Participation gets you out of your comfort zone

  10. It increases your trading skills

  11. You can participate at any age, sex or background

  12. It stretches your mind and abilities

  13. It is fun

  14. You can compete with and challenge your friends.

Previous Competition results

Linking your account to

the Trading Challenge

There are 4 steps before you can start trading

  1. Link your empty account to FXBlue and sync it
  2. Enter the competition while logged in and click on the email sent to you
  3. Make sure your account appears in the competition list with “no data” soon after step 2.
  4. Only trade once the account goes from “no Data” to 0% gain.

You will be disqualified by FXBlue if you trade before your entry has 0.0% Growth status


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