The Linked Account Weekly  Movement Report


  1. The Weekly Linked Account Movement Report measures an accounts performance since it was listed on the service. It is important to measure this to ensure good performance to our users. Under performers (Negative performers) are moved to an under performing group that continues trading until the account recovers or until there are no longer any live accounts following them
  2. You will see that most accounts have postive as well as negative weeks. This is normal in robot trading as the market is constanly changing and account linking should therefore be regarded as a longer term investment. Investment (account) hopping can be very bad to overall performance so resist the urge to change the accounts you are following just because it has had a negative week.
  3. The movements below are based on changes in equity balances and therefore do not represent realised profits or actual losses
  4. Please click on the Signal Provider links to see more details of the accounts