The Make Money trading Robot Trading Challenge

The competition carries prize money of $ 2 500 USD

First Prize is $1 000,

Second prize is $ 600

3rd Prize is $400

4th prize is $300

5th prize is $200

Payable in USD or Crypto

TIPS and Additional rules:

  1. Please use $10 000 demo accounts - it makes working out who is leading much easier.
  2. Make sure your demo accounts will be valid for at least 10 weeks and will not expire
  3. See the process of linking your account to the competition in the video below.
  4. Use a completely NEW demo account without any entries for every competition entry.
  5. Make sure your account details (trades etc) can be accessed from the competition participant list (Please do not use access codes)
  6. You can enter as many trading accounts into the competition as you like.
  7. Entries have to be generated using the Make Money EA
  8. Each participant can only win 1 prize.

How previous winners won

  • Know your Trading Robot settings completely

  • Back test it to get to know it even better

  • Use different trading instruments - Forex, Crypto, Indices etc

  • Use different time frames (5 min to 4 Hour)

  • Watch what you competition is doing

  • Enter as many accounts as you can manage

  • When ahead consolidate your position and reduce risk

  • The competition is over 2 months - use the time wisely

Linking your account to the Trading Challenge

Watch this video to see how you link your trading account to the trading competition. Please note this video is based on the previous competition but the linking process remains the same.

There are 4 steps before you can start trading

  1. Link your empty account to FXBlue and sync it (The publisher EA is faster)
  2. Enter the competition while logged in and click on the email sent to you
  3. Make sure your account appears in the competition list with “no data” soon after step 2.
  4. Only trade once the account CHANGES from “no Data” to 0% gain.

You will be disqualified by FXBlue if you activate your EA before your entry has 0.0% Growth status

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Please use the FXBlue Competition Forum at this link:- COMPETITION FORUM