History behind the

Maximum Lot Trading Robot


When I started trading Forex more than 20 years ago, I did my first course in a place called Midrand, between Pretoria and Johannesburg in South Africa. There was a trader that did the course 4 months earlier that had turned $15 000 into $165 000 in the 4 months after the course using a self-developed method. I was lucky enough to spend time with this trader and the position sizing method he used I called the method the Maximum lot method which I later adapted to double accounts in 1 trade.


Essentially he found a method that had a 90% accuracy rate and combined it with the approach of a maximum lot which risked the most he could risk on the next trade. When one does the calculation, you will realise that you do not blow your whole account when things go wrong (especial when using low leverage) but you can record huge gains. Sounds risky but a few months later he was up to $450 000.


At various stages of Expert4x, I traded variations of this method and even offered a money-back guarantee if I could not double client accounts in one trade. See an old offer from those days on the right.


We promoted this technique in the early years of Expert4x - see the course for 2009 on the right - still downloadable if you search for "maximum lot Expert4x".
I recently met some of my old trading buddies who are now retired and we had a good chat about the "Good old days" and the maximum lot technique. I suddenly realized that this technique has never been automated as it originally was a manual trading approach. So in the last few weeks, I create an automated, continuously traded version of the Maximum lot trading system.

Current details about the Maximum Lot Trading Robot

Except for the Moving Average Indicator this Trading robot can be regarded as a Random trading robot that makes money based on the favorable return on risk ratios.


Its success (which is not always obvious) is based on


  1. Very aggressive positions sizing for all trades

  2. Very favorably positive and negative exit levels which create extremely good return on risk ratios

  3. Transaction stops and targets which again can be used to create a favorable return on risk ratios

  4. The fact that the trader does not have to risk all of the account balance as described in the introduction.

The Maximum Lot Concept

Expert4x has always looked at unique and uncontroversial trading approaches and the Max Lot approach is no exception.


A brief description of the Maximum lot approach is that it is based on the concept of making more money during a winning streak than losing during a losing streak.


A simple illustration would be:  Let's say so much is risked on a trade that 50% of the capital would be gained if the trade went well and 50% of the capital would be lost if the trade went badly. This does not sound exciting if one looks at 1 trade.




Let's look at the extreme case of 3 trades in a row being successful and 3 trades in a row being unsuccessful.

Suddenly a return on risk ratio of almost 3 to 1 has been created.


But let's take this one step further. Let's say the trades above did not have equal targets and stop. Let's say the stops were 50% of the Targets


The above results will change to


Suddenly the return on risk ratio has improved to over 4 to 1



The objective is to trade the maximum possible lots for a particular trade based on the stop loss used


Based on 1 Main lot (1.0) we need to know what the Margin requirement is and the value of a Pip.  Let's assume a Stop and Target of 50 Pips and the Capital to be risked is $500. So let's say for the GBPUSD the main lot requirement is $1000 and the value of 1 pip is $10


So the formula is:-


1st DEAL:  Capital to be risked ($500) divided by Margin required ($500) + the stops loss required (50 x $10 = $500) = $500/($500+(50 x $10)) = 0.5 lots


NEXT DEAL AFTER POSITIVE RESULT: So if the Deal is positive (50 pips x $10 x 0.5 lots ) = a gain of $250 will be made. The Capital for the next deals becomes $750. So the lot sizing for the next deal becomes

$750/($500+(50 x $10)) = 0.75 Lots


NEXT DEAL AFTER A NEGATIVE RESULT: So if the deal goes negative (50 pips x $10 x 0.5 lots) - a loss of $250 will be made. The Capital for the next deals becomes $250. So the lot sizing for the next deal becomes

$250/($500+(50 x $10)) = 0.25 Lots

Watch this space

In the meantime watch this video to see how $10 000 was tested to grow to over $800 000 in 12 months (8000% return)



How the Max Lot Trading Robot works.

The direction of trade is supplied by a Simple Moving Average. If the Moving Average is pointing up the EA will buy and if it is pointing down it will sell. You can change the setting of the Moving Average and you can even reverse the direction of trade if you wish.

The Robot will trade continuously. As a trade closes another will open. The big thing about this Robot is that it will always risk the maximum amount of lots on each trade. See the calculation on this page. So if the previous transaction was positive lot-sizing (also known as Position sizing) will increase and if it is negative lot-sizing will decrease. So lot-sizing can increase dramatically in successful trends and decrease at a much lower rate when in an unsuccessful phase.

So only 1 transaction will be active at a time.

Trading stops and resets for an instant when the total of all trades entered since the last start hits the Equity Target or Equity Stop Equity levels set. It will then automatically restart based on lot sizing based on the new equity levels.

Each transaction has a Transaction STOP and transaction TARGET determined in pips.

Account Size required

When using the Maximum Lot Trading Robot you can nominate how much of your account you want to risk. So you could have a $1000 account and you only would risk, say, $100 on each Maximum Lot Robot run.  You would need a micro account that allows 0.01 lot sizing. If this is the case a Minimum of $1000 would be the suggested minimum account size. The Maximum lot Robot is mainly supplied to show the principles of the Zero to Hero Robot Course.

Robot settings input

There are only a few decisions you need to make for this particular trading robot. Many other Robots can have over 30 settings or decisions to make. Each setting is an instruction to the Robot as to what to do. So there is a master and servant relationship. You have to give the robot (your servant) orders (settings) on what to do.

Sometimes as masters we do not always know what to tell our servants to do.  Don't worry about that because that is what the Robot Trading Course is all about - it will teach you how to find the best orders (settings) to give to Robot (Servant) using techniques such as optimization, settings analysis and forward trading we will find the settings that work for us.

To start with often the default settings provide a good starting point.

All The settings


Some Beta Testing Results to date

For the year 1/4/21 to 1/4/22


The best-optimized results based on 100:1 leverage is the Trade-able ADX at $54 900 for the year from 1 March 2021 to 1 March 2022. This information is available on this link:-  FREE SETTINGS


The current test show results much higher than that which will make this Robot one of our top, if not the top Robot.

The Zero to Hero Robot trading Course

The Maximum Lot Robot is only available to participants of the ZERO TO HERO ROBOT COURSE. The course is based on the Maximum lot trading Robot.


It is the FREE ROBOT mentioned in the course content and used to illustrate the testing, optimizing, finding settings and demo and live portfolio aspects of the course. It can only be accessed by completing aspects of the practical side of the course.


The course has 3 formats:-


Part 1: has only 3 videos to introduce traders to Robot trading and basic Robot optimization. Ideal for beginner robot traders to get an overview of what robot trading is all about


Part 2: has 12 videos which are step by step processes that need to be followed to get the best from your trading robot. Ideal for robot traders that simply just want to follow the Robot trading processes on a "copy me" step by step basis.


Part 3: this section goes into considerable detail about everything a serious Robot trader needs to know. See the picture below for the type of content.

For more details about the Robot Trading Course please use this link>

How do I get my hands on the Maximum Lot Robot?

The FREE Maximum Lot Robot is part of the Free Zero to Hero Course. You can only do this FREE course if you are a paid member of the Expert4x Premium Forum.
You can only access the Maximum Lot Trading Robot if you actively participate in the Zero to Hero Robot Trading Course. Although it is a free EA it is a licenced EA so your use of the Robot is subject to this EA's licence conditions
  1. You can use this Robot as often as you like (on as many accounts and platforms and charts) as long as you do not use it on more than 2 computers
  2. The licence is only valid while you are a paid Forum member. Membership can be paid on a monthly or annual basis. Membership is currently $39.95 per month or $205.00 annually. PAID FORUM

WARNING: Please note that this EA is supplied free for purposes of illustrating the Robot Trading principles in this course: https://expert4x.com/robot-trading/ Do not Trade the Maximum Lot Trading Robot on a LIVE or even on DEMO accounts until you have worked through the Robot Trading Course. It will only be made available to participants in the Robot Trading Course.