Thanks for enquiring about my Free Forex EA trading mentorship service

This service is ideal for total beginners who wants to start Forex Robot trading or  experienced EA Traders. You will be trading Expert Advisors under the supervision and mentorship of a Forex Coach will get you going on the right track and keep you going on the right track

How does the service work?


Below is the process that is followed:- 


1.Controlled demo account trading: The first step is to get you trading as soon as possible. We achieve this easily as I supply you with the settings we will start with and instructions on how to get going.

2.Your expectations: While the trading is ongoing we will look at what you can achieve from this service financially and also from an educational point of view.

3.Problem solving: Although Forex robot trading maybe new to many traders basic problem solving skills will be required throughout your Forex trading career. That is why we tackle this aspect as one of the first areas of Forex robot trading.

4.Account sizing & Risk management: This is the number 1 reason why Forex traders fail and lose almost all of their money when trading Forex. We address this immediately to avoid any problems in the future

5.Controlled live account trading. Only once you have achieved acceptable Forex trading results trading a demo account and you understand how to manage the EA do we move into mentorship supervised low risk live account trading.

6.Increased risk live trading. Once you are achieving good low risk, live account results can you consider increasing your risk. Again we do this as part of the mentorship process.

This Simple process is all that is needed to become a successful DreamMachine EA trader


What you need to get started on the Free Mentorship and Guidance service


1.You need at least $2000 to trade available to move into a live account of your own choice for when we are ready for the Live trading phase of the mentorship. You can use any Broker for this service. If you want to use our broker for your demo and live trading please use this link:-   TALLINEX

2.You need to be the owner of DreamMachine EA. The DreamMachine EA is ideal for Beginners, very easy to trade, requires no optimization, easy settings and is a set and forget EA,. Additionally it has no US or UK limitations of low leverage, FIFO or hedging.

Click here for more information about the DreamMachine EA       DREAMMACHINE

3.The EA needs ready to trade. This means it should be licensed and loaded onto a brokers platform (Any type of trading account will do) into an unused micro lot enabled, demo account with a balance related to the amount you will be trading live. You should have a facility to be able to keep the EA connected to the internet all the time.

Our EAs are supported by EAFactory. They will supply you with information and assistance on how to get your DreamMachine EA to this point after you purchase.

Where to after the service?

Once you have reached the last stage of trading the DreamMachine EA with higher but controlled risk you may want to move onto other profitable EAs. There will be a service for such an EA. You do however have to complete the DreamMachine EA service first.

The difference between the DreamMachine service and the more advanced one is that most EAs need optimisation to find settings you can start your controlled demo trading on. That service will help with that aspect. The DreamMachine does not require optimisation as I supply the initial settings.

View our other Forex EAs:- https://www.expert4x.com

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