Please Note that from the end of April 2023 we are not Accepting any External NEW Signal providers. Existing External Signal Providers will continue according to the conditions below 

To be trading signal provider you need to think about what customers is looking for

Here are some guides:

Profitability – Consistent, low drawdown results is always tops of the requirement list

Risk control: Customers are looking for signs that the trader will know what to do when things do wrong

Simple: Customers are looking for simple strategies that do not involve too many open deals

Low Capital: Traders are looking for strategies that require smaller accounts

What you will receive if you need our and your customer needs

Free membership of the Premium Forum

You will receive $10 per customer linking a live account linked to your personal signals accounts (Limit 1 account per IP address or customer) – This will go up to $20 for accounts after the initial 10 live accounts linked. For purposes of the above the days in the month (22 in this example) days of live account linkage will count as 1 customer. So in a month, if you have 840 days of live account links/customers that would equate to 38 (840/22) clients for the month.

If you have 15 linkable accounts and 38 unique clients that have live accounts linked you would receive $10 x 38 = $380 for the 15 accounts, and the bonus is based on linkable accounts over 10: 5/15 x 38 x $10 = $127 for the extra 5 linkable accounts over 10. The total would be $507.

Payments will be made 7 days after the end of each calendar month

Your accounts will need to meet the profitability and drawdown requirements (No equity drawdowns for the month) for a period of the months trading to qualify for the monthly payments. In order for an account  to be regarded as a linked account, in the above calculation, it must have at least 22 days of live accounts linked.

Should your account perform consistently for a period of 6 months consideration to the creation of a PAMM account facility where the will be trading income share opportunities.

How will you get clients to link to your account?

Our Marketing efforts will support your efforts

  1. As you can see below there are over 40 000 free forum members
  2. There are 9 000 paid and free members in the Premium forum
  3. There are over 55 000 You Tube Subscribers
  4. Once the service is active there will be regular YouTube videos and emails about the service

So your job is to focus on producing great trading accounts to link to.


How to apply:


  1. Create a 25-trading day trading record
  2. Link your account to FXBlue
  3. Email Expert4x with the following details:  1.)  You FXBlue account  link   2.)  The Trading Robot used  3.)  The minimum account size and leverage your strategy required for your strategy, 4) A general description of the strategy used

We will review your trading records and if successful your account will be added to our list of accounts Forum members can link to

You account may not immediately successful for many reasons. It many lack the consistency required as represented by equity charts. In most cases we may ask you to trade for a few more weeks to see if your results improve.

Trading Results and Trading Standards


Generally trading records that show low drawdowns and good profitability will be considered. Compare your eresults with those accounts currently being list to get an idea of the standards required. Those standards will need to be maintained and should they drop  you will be able to continue trading the account to repair it. The account may not be listed during periods of drawdown. Drawdowns will take be regarded as the percentage difference between your account balance and your equity balance at any one time.

Your competitive comparison will also be taken into account. In other words you account may not be listed if there are many accounts that are better than yours.

Robot Trading Ideas


ONE: Use robots that allow traders to join your service without complications. If your service has many open trades it makes it difficult for clients to join. The Grid Trend Multiplier or even the Profit Retriever for instance creates and collection of open trades that close when the total of the open trades is optimal. This makes a client joining at any time tricky.

So consider Robots that have daily close of all trades like the Trend Trader and the Make Money Day Trader so any new trader can simply join before the start of new trades the next day

Our copying software will be designed to only start working at the best time for the client (at the point when there are no open trades and a new new one is starting) so this will help.


TWO:  It is better for clients to use a few accounts in this service and put all their eggs in 1 basket. Generally clients have small live accounts. So try to use small trading accounts for your trading linking accounts - the smaller the account you use the more likely clients will link to your account - so try to use $500 to $1 000 accounts. Big accounts of $10 000 will hardly be traded and merely changing lot sizing can cause a big loss in efficiency



THREE: Drawdowns and Risk control is the most important elements of such a service as new clients do not want to join a service only to immediately experience a 20% drawdown after a successful run. So focus on that.

Sadly client join at the end of a successful run and leave at the end of a big drawdown. You need to keep your clients confidence for a long period


FOUR:  Certain Robots are good for hedging. So allow trading to occur in one direction on 1 account or chart and trading to occur in the opposite direction on another account or chart - consider creating small portfolios of hedging of complimentary robots


FIVE: Portfolio options - Try to list a number of accounts in the service that will allow packaged portfolio options that spread risk. Certain portfolios can spread risk by hedging or trading different strategies (Trending and sideways market strategies)


SIX: To get yourself started simply use the already supplied free and paid settings and adapt them for smaller accounts - even beginner traders can do this as part of their setting testing process


General information:


Your goal is to create Robot Trading results that traders would love to link their account too.

So the first thing you need is a robust trading record showing your ability to trade Robots. As this is the start of the service this record will have to be at least 6 to 8 weeks old, profitable with good drawdown and risk management. You will be competing against other Linked Account providers so your results need to be outstanding.

In general accounts should have started with a $1000 balance but proprietary and Profit Retriever strategies can start with a $10 000 balance

Linked account providers do not have to disclose their settings or their identities

Once you have such an account (it could be demo or live) you will need to link it to the FXBlue account analysis service and provide this link to Expert4x. We will review your account and it approved you will be added to our advertised list of linked account providers.

Forum members will then be able to link their accounts to your account using a special copying Robot specific to your offering once your account is approved.

You will be compensated based on the number of live accounts linking to your accounts and the volume of trading experienced. Details of this will be provided closer to the launch. There will however be trading standards that will have to be meet such as being profitable over the last month to be paid or to be kept of the Linking accounts list.


Please use this link is you have any comments or questions about the Signal Supplier service