Introduction and Background


Before 2021 all Expert4x trading Robots were mainly swing trading (periods of weeks or months) Robots. Expert4x recently had 2 trading competitions where the winners used our swing trading Robots to create day trading strategies with much faster settings and one directional approaches. This showed a great new way of trading Robots.

So we created 2 Day trading versions of our best Swing trading Robots. The Make Money Day Trader and the Trend Trader was born. Both were beta tested for a few months in our paid forum with very valuable input being received and improvement suggestions. The Make Money Day Trader uses 2 Moving Averages  to enter trades and a ADX  to identify the trends.

This resulted in the new Make Money Day Trader Robot to be able to be used in 3 ways.

  1. It can be used for short term (up to a month) swing trading
  2. It can be used as a Day Trader trading specific strategies less than 24 hours. All trades can be closed at specific times during the day.
  3. Experienced traders can create Make Money day trading strategies that can effectively be used to pass the Proprietary Trading (FTMO) qualification tests to become a professional trader (details below).

I just started using Make Money Day Trader, and I am getting awesome results!!!  This is the best EA I have ever seen!!!  I just wanted to let you know that!  Great job!!!

K.S., Expert4x Client - 17 September 2021

See the Make Money Day Trader in Action

See the Tend Trader in Action

3 Strategies for using the Trend Trader

Set and forget traders use set files to trade the same settings over several weeks. Initially these set files come for the settings provided on the Expert4x free and paid data settings data bases. These are not plug-n-play settings you can blindly start trading.

These set files need calibration to trader’s own broker accounts using a process called the “I wonder” approach. Once aligned and reasonable back testing results have been achieved, experienced traders test 6 to 8 variations of the results on demo accounts for 3 to 4 weeks to make sure satisfactory results have been experienced. At that point only the best settings are selected for live trading.

More experienced traders create their own settings using a combination of optimisation, back testing, watching trading happen on charts and experimentation to create set and forget strategies. Because of their skills, they can start trading live sooner

Free Settings are available at this link: -

Advanced Paid settings are available at this forum: -

Day traders often use the trading robots as tools to automate the trading that they would do manually or trading that happens so fast that it is impractical to do manually or to manage trading when they are away (sleeping).

So, they would use their own trading experience and strategies to identify trading opportunities amongst several currencies and timeframes. They would then activate a special set of settings for those trading circumstances and let the robot do the rest of the work of managing the transaction and exited as instructed.

Many of our recent Competition winners used this approach

Proprietary traders trade other people’s money. Anybody can do this. They would use the Robot to either use a swing trading or day trading approach to generate consistent income. They can trade up to $400 000 and keep up to 70% of the gains generated. All that is required is to go through 3 qualifying phases.

The returns required by this approach are not very high (5% to 10%) but traders have to have drawdown management and position sizing skills to succeed.  The Trend Trader Robot provides the tool to meet proprietary trading requirements. There is currently an Expert4x proprietary trading competition where winners have generated success using approaches used by the Trend Trader. See this link for qualifiers who have meet the 5% requirement: -

Robot Settings

See the Tend Trader in Action

Monthly Optimized Settings

Please note these optimized setting were created using 0.1 lot-sizing on a $10 000 account for the month of August 2021 Optimized settings only represent the settings that worked best for the month of August and are unlikely to produce the same results into the future. They should be used a guide settings until proven to be profitable in further testing. There are a number of sources of optimized settings available.

Our free optimized settings that are based on 100:1 leverage - these settings can be found at this link:-  FREE SETTINGS 

There are also advanced settings which focus on a wider range of trading instruments and lower leverage and smooth equity optimization approaches. These are available to paid premium subscribers at this link:-  PREMIUM MEMBER SETTINGS


Tips on getting the best out of The Trend Trader Trading Robot


  1. Do not trade on a live account until you have experienced positive results on a demo account over a 2 to 4-week period (Don’t be in a hurry).
  2. Use position sizing of 0.03 for every currency for every $1 000 in your demo account.
  3. Test as many currencies and timeframes as your computer resources allow.
  4. Know the function of each setting as described in the user manual.
  5. Study this marketing page and watch all the videos provided.
  6. Learn how to download testing set files (Video on this page).
  7. Learn how to calibrate and optimize the EA for your broker account (Video on this page)
  8. Make sure you know the basics of Forex trading by doing the free courses on this page
  9. Do not trade on a live account until you have experienced positive results on a demo account over a 2 to 4-week period (Don’t be in a hurry - duplication on purpose).


If you are new to Forex trading and Forex Robot trading then please make use of these FREE resources.

  1. The best beginner course in the Forex industry:  FOREX UNIVERSITY
  2. A 6 module downloadable PDF course covering how to find ENTRIES, TURNING POINTS, EXITS, TIMES TO TRADE, MANAGE MONEY and WHERE TO PLACE STOPS  : Simple-N-Easy Forex Series 

These will give you the very best start to trading the Forex market bu understanding the manual processes. For specific information about trading Forex robots please watch the videos below.

TIP: Click on the YouTube logo when watching the video to expand the video to a bigger size.


The Guide when using this Robot is "Use 0.03 per $1000 in your account for every time you use the Robot when using Fixed Position sizing.  So, for example, if you are using a $5000 account you can use the Robot on 5 currencies using 0.03 for each currency"  Many traders do not have $1000 to $5000 available to start trading.

1c accounts makes it possible to stick to the above guidance using only $10 to $50. Watch the video to see how

View this video to see how

* $100

effectively turns into

*** $10 000

for trading Forex Robots when using these very special 1c account

Click here to Open 1c Account: 1c Accounts




The Trend Trader Robot provides the tool that can be used to meet proprietary trading requirements. There is currently an Expert4x proprietary trading competition where winners have generated success using approaches similar to those used by the Trend Trader.


  • Each purchase allows you to download the MT4 and MT5 versions
  • The Trend Trader is licensed and can be used as often as you like (on as many platforms and broker accounts) as long as you do not use it on more than 2 computers AT THE SAME TIME.
  • Upgrades are free
  • Note to US Traders using US Brokers: Our Robots do not work on US Broker accounts due to hedging and FIFO restrictions. Most US robot traders use off shore broker accounts.
  • Please note that the Trend Trader is not part of any Bundle at this stage.
IMPORTANT: Before you purchase, please read our "Sales Agreement" and "Risk Disclaimer" at the bottom of the page.  By Clicking on any of the PayPal Buttons, you are agreeing to the "Sales Agreement".

We also accept Bitcoin. You can use Crypto currencies to make your purchase. First time Expert4x clients please use the equivalent of USD $150 of crypto currency to purchase the EA.

Existing Expert4x clients please use the equivalent of USD $90 of Crypto currencies to make your purchase .

Please note that these purchases are manually processed and can take up to 24 hours to deliver depending on time-zones. Please click on the Bitcoin link to do this: BITCOIN


Get the Trend Trader for FREE

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconDo only the Premium members of the Club receive a Special Price offer?

    Yes – that is one of the privileges of being a premium member. It is still a good idea to join as membership is $39.95 and the price now is $144 only

  • q-iconThe licence is for 2 computers. How do I move the EAs for an existing computer to another one later on?

    To move the EA to a 3rd computer simply delete the EAs from a current computer and install it on a new computer. Additional 2 licences are available for $80 from EAFactory