Historic Back tested Results

The results below are shown to give traders the ability to compare the relative performance of the various currencies compared to each other on the basis of Optimized and Drawdown settings resulting in Income, Drawdowns and Return on Risk Ratios.


The tests were done using $10 000 accounts and 200:1 leverage over a period of 1 year ended 31 August 2023.


Set files are not provided but an analysis of the major settings of those results are shown so that traders can compare the settings.


These results can be used to compare 2 Robots - The RSI Liberator and Wave Liberator


A test information template is provided



Set files and analysis of history can be very inaccurate and very unlikely to repeat.


They are dangerous if used inappropriately. They are not recommend settings - in fact they should not be used at all or actual trading. They do however provide information and can be a starting point for forward trading on demo accounts.


These optimizations have been done to obtain the information shown in the tables below.

Recommended process for trading the RSI Liberator


Using either the default setting or settings shown above as a starting point,  forward trade the RSI Trader on a demo accounts for 2 to 4 weeks. Test various time frames and setting variations to make sure that you are perfectly happy with results before trading a live account.


Make any adjustments to your settings to improve your results as detailed on the marketing page.

RSI Liberator Back Tested Results

Analysis of Main Optimized settings

Refer to the settings section on the marketing page for more details

Analysis of Draw Down Optimized settings

Refer to the settings section on the marketing page for more details

Below is an example of a test template used to analyze past performance

It is provided as a starting point for traders who want to analyze history in more detail

Please note that the actual template file is not provided