The Birth of the RSI Liberator EA

Our Profit Retriever has been our most successful proven trading robot to date. One only has to look at the trading results of our Linked service which currently shows an average gain on 60 accounts of over 100% per account.

The strength and downside of the Profit Retriever is that it trades in a random fashion and is always in the market. Sometimes this results in trades getting caught trading the wrong way in a strong trend and therefore the recovery process takes longer to be effective.

The RSI Liberator takes the strength of the of the Profit Retriever (The profit retriever process) and adds to it a selective entry that has a well above average chance of success at the end of a trend when the trend is expected to be exhausted. So, the chance of facing the wrong way in a runaway trend is postponed to a much safer time.

Why Is the RSI Liberator the best EA you will ever experience?

  1. It is US Broker Compatible regarding FIFO, Hedging and can be used on low leverage
  2. It uses one of the most powerful known technical analysis entry signals (The RSI Hook).
  3. It uses one of the most powerful Profit Retriever processes known (Adding more trades to losing positions)
  4. The exposure to runaway trades is reduced as entries are likely to be at the end of a trend.
  5. The settings provide many easy risk management options to lower risk and drawdowns (see below).
  6. Although not designed for Proprietary Trading, the potential success rates and lower drawdowns make the RSI Liberator a good candidate for Proprietary Trading strategies if managed responsibly and creatively.

Hello all. I've got the new EAs running on a multitude of demo accounts with all sorts of variations. It's early days I know but every one of them is positive with high profit factors, high win rates and very low draw downs. It seems it almost doesn't matter what settings and time frames you use- they're all profitable. The skip trades function is genius

- Paid Premium Forum, 20 September 2023

How it Works

How it works

Please review this over in conjunction the information supplied in the "See it Trade" and the "Settings overview" section


The robot reviews the selected currencies for RSI Hooks. It identifies them using the close of candle basis and enter a trade against the trend of the previous trend prior to the hook. The target for the initial trade can be determined by the trader and there is a hidden target option.


If successful it will close the trade at a profit when the target or hidden target is reached.

If the trade moves against the intended direction it will open additional trades in the same direction as the original trade every Gap size travelled. Trade lots sizes will depend on the the multiplier factor used. A group of open trades is called a run or basket. When the total profit of the Run or basket of open trades reach the Dollar or pip amount specified in the settings the Robot will close all the open trades in the run.

Continuous, Set and Forget Trading.

This is a continuously trading Expert Advisor (Trading Robot) using a swing trading approach which could leave trades open for days. It has been designed for no manual intervention but setting changes that will impact future trades can be made while there are open trades.

The Robot has an Drawdown stop whereby it will close all open trade when the maximum drawdown specified by the trader is reached. This will mainly be used by Proprietary traders

The RSI Hook Entry Technique

The RSI Hook signal

Overview of the RSI Liberator Settings


  1. The settings are fully explained in the user manual with examples. The points are merely a brief overview of the settings
  2. The RSI Liberator will trade the timeframe of the chart it is loaded on. An aggressive time frame would be the 15 minute one. The 30 Minute timeframe will be more balanced and the 60 minute time frame will be conservative.
  3. The RSI Liberator can trade all the currencies you nominate on one chart. No need to load it onto other charts.
  4. The default settings below are based on the 15 minute timeframe and 30:1 leverage.
  5. A strongly suggested implementation process would be to demo trade the RSI Liberator for 2 to 3 weeks using the 3 timeframes mentioned above and using variations of the default settings to make sure you achieve the results you expect and to determine the best strategy to Go Live with. This period will give you time to test your broker account and resolve any technical aspects.
  6. Proprietary Traders will need to do more advanced testing to make sure they can achieve the required income to daily drawdown ratios.

Brief Overview of the above settings

  1. As in most Expert4x Robots we give the trader the option to reverse the entry logic.
  2. The entry logic is based on a RSI hook. This setting determines the sensitivity of the RSI. The lower the number the more hooks possible and the higher the fewer hooks in the designated Over Bought and Over Sold areas.
  3. The User can determine the Overbought/Oversold regions where valid RSI hooks will be recognized. It is a dropdown menu. The Higher the OBought number the fewer trades and the lower the more trades. Few traders could result in higher success rates.
  4. The system used a Grid system. The Gap size determined the distance between the Grid lines. The smaller the number the more risk and the larger the number the less risk. This is a key setting as top up trades will occur at each grid level.
  5. Lots for the initial entry determines the size of the initial transaction. The higher this number the higher the risk and the lower the number the lower the risk.
  6. Top-up Lots multiplier is the amount by which the lots sizing for top up trades will be increased. A setting of 1 will result in no increase. A setting of 1.2 will increase lot sizing by 20% every time a top up occurs. For example if you start with 0.1 lots and use a 1.2 factor your top ups will follow this sequence: Start 0.1, next 0.12, next 0.14, next   0.17 ....   To activate a true martingale sequence you would use a setting of 2 (1,2,4,8...) True Martingale is not recommended.
  7. Top trades to skip. How this would work is that if the trader entered say 2 into the setting and the gap size was 15 the EA would enter the first trade as normal but the second top-up would be 3 x the gap size i.e. 45 pips away (skipping 2 trades).Normal top-ups would happen like this 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 …..This setting will cause top up to be 0, 45, 60, 75 …..The lot sizing would work like this. Normal say (increase factor of 1.2) 1, 1.2, 1.44, 1.72, 2.06, 2.48….Missed top-up approach using the above example: 1, 1.72, 2.48….
  8. Initial: Take Profit in pips: This is the intended take profit for the initial trade. This is seen by the broker.
  9. Initial: Hidden Take Profit: This is used if you want to fool the broker into believing that your initial Take profit is the true but the hidden one is actually your take profit. The broker does not see the hidden Take Profit.  So you may have an Initial Take Profit of 30 pips but trades will close at say 20 pips (if 20 is entered into this setting)
  10. Trailing stop. The trailing stop has 3 components. When it should start (how much the trade should be in profit), How far the stop should be behind the profit and how often it should update the trailing stop.
  11. Basket target for closure in dollars: This refers to case where there are many open trades for a particular currency (The basket of open trades). This setting tells the Robot to close the basket when it has reached a particular $ value in total. So when $20 is entered there might be $100 worth of negative trades and and $120 worth of positive trades when the basket is closed.
  12. Basket target for closure in pips: This refers to case where there are many open trades for a particular currency (The basket of open trades). This setting tells the Robot to close the basket when it has reached a particular positive pip count in total. This setting also takes the lot sizing into account which complicates the calculation and makes it unpredictable. Rather use the Dollar amount if you can not understand the user manual description.
  13. Portfolio: Closure at maximum loss. When an amount of say $1 000 is entered the Robot will close all trades when the drawdown for all open trades reaches $1 000. This setting is of particular value to Proprietary Traders but can be used for general loss management.
  14. Markets to trade. The default currencies are: USDCHF GBPUSD AUDJPY EURUSD AUDUSD USDCAD NZDUSD EURAUD NZDJPY GBPJPY EURGBP EURJPY USDJPY. Traders are free to select their own currencies.
  15. Maximum traded markets: This will restrict the number of active currencies being traded at once.
  16. Maximum Top up Trades per market per direction is used to restrict the number of open trades per direction
  17. Hedge the same market - this setting is used to prevent or allow hedging of the same currency cross.  Use the drop down menu. The hedging envisaged, applies to the case where there are already open trades in say a buy direction for a particular currency cross (EURUSD) and the Robot identified a valid sell signal. If hedging is allowed the sell will be entered.
  18. Time of day and day of the week setting allow traders to be selective about the times they want to trade.
  19. Tick scaling for CFD allow the robot to cater for the trading on non Forex instruments
  20. Magic number is used when many versions of the Robot are traded on the same account.
  21. Remember to save settings that you may want to re-use.

Manage Risk and Profits using these Simple Settings


We do not produce optimized settings for this EA or Proprietary Trading settings. The defaults are sufficient for reasonable results. The defaults are for a $1000 account. Simply increase the lot sizing proportionally for bigger accounts and apply the adjustments detailed below.

To lower risk, drawdowns and income consider one or more of the following adjustments.

  1. Increase the time frame traded. From 15 min to 30 min or more for example.
  2. Increase the RSI Period from 4 to 5 or more for example.
  3. Increase the RSI Overbought/Sold Levels from OBought 75 OSold 25  to Obought 80 OSold 20 or more for example
  4. Increase the Price Gap from 25 to 30 or more for instance.
  5. Lower the lot sizing from 0.02 to 0.01 for instance if possible.
  6. Increase the take profit from 20 to say 25 or more for example.
  7. Lower the number of currencies traded from 10 to 9 or less for example.
  8. Increase the balance on your account. A $400 drawdown on a $1 000 is 40% whereas it would be 20% on a $2 000.
  9. Consider increasing or decreasing the basket closure targets

While trading these changes can be made at any time and will only impact future trades. This is however done when there are no or very few open trades. Ideally, it is best to demo trade for a week or 2 to make sure you are getting the results you expect and make any changes prior to trading live.

To increase risk, drawdowns and income and possible returns do the opposite of the above suggestions (Instead of increasing, decrease)

Those traders who would rather use their own optimization results are obviously free to do so.

For aggressive results use the 15-minute timeframe. Use the 30-minute time frame for balanced results and 60-minutes for conservative settings.

Trading Results

Trading Results

Currently there are no trading results that can be supplied about the RSI Liberator. That is because it has literally been created in the last few days/weeks. Forward trading of RSI Liberator has show considerable potential for higher success rates (82%) lower drawdowns (2.5%) and reasonable good return on risk ratios (2:10) when using 30 min and 1 hour time frames. These ratios confirm the potential of the RSI Liberator as a Proprietary Trading tool.

The results of the Prop Trader and the Profit Retriever in the linked account service can be taken as guides to the type of results that can be experienced. If anything, results are anticipated to be better because of the higher probability entries.

In the next 6 to 8 weeks we will be adding a few linkable accounts to the linked account service that will confirm the results achievable by the RSI Liberator - those settings will be shared owners of the Robot

The RSI Liberator is being launched prematurely due to pressure from traders that want a free-standing trading Robot like the Wave Liberator (Prop Crusher). If the lack of track record is a concern consider delaying your purchase for a month or 2.

Below are traded accounts from the Link-2-success service that are examples of potential result possible


1klink6r: 38% per month

1klink1r: 36% per Month

1klink2r: 25% per Month

1klink3r: 20% per Month

1klink4r: 13% per month

1klink5r: 8.8% Per Month

World Class Support

World Class Support


Besides a comprehensive user manual, on your right is an example of the knowledge base that comes with every EA supplied. It covers every topic that you need to know to make a success of your EA trading and covers all EA problem solving approaches. It is easily accessible by clicking on the Help icon when the EA is loaded.

Support also includes highly professional email support from EAFactory on any technical problems.



Both the Free and Paid Forum have a owner Forum where the EA and strategies and settings can be discussed among owners

FREE FORUM                                               PREMIUM PAID FORUM

You may have to join the forums to gain access

Comparing the RSI and Wave Liberator

The RSI Liberator and the Wave Liberator

The relationship between the Wave Liberator (previously the Prop Crusher) and the RSI Liberator is that they use different entry logic. The Wave Liberator use recent lows and recent highs to enter trades either against the trend or with the trend. In tests performed the RSI entry logic showed higher success rates and lower drawdowns. The Wave Liberator and  the RSI Liberator will be launched on the same day and can be purchased individually or as a bundle at a substantial discount.


  • The RSI Liberator can be purchased on its own or as bundle with the Wave Liberator Liberator Bundle). The pricing options are shown below.
  • Crypto prices are the same as PayPal and not further discounted. Please click on this link if you want to use this option. CRYPTO
  • Please read the important purchase information below before buying
  • When purchasing you get access to both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 version of the Robot
  • Upgrades are FREE

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Important Purchase Information.


  1. Each purchase entitles you to use the Robot(s) as often as you like on as many broker accounts, platforms and charts. The only limitation is that you can not use the Robot on more than 2 computers at the same time. There is no need to register the computers you intend to use - the Robot will automatically know it the EA is used on more than 2 computers. A VPS service, laptop or Desk top is regarded as a computer. Additional licenses for 2 more computers are available for purchase from EAFactory website at $240 per original purchased Robot
  2. Purchase are not refundable at all, except for technical problems that can not be resolved by our technical support
  3. The Robot comes with no guarantee or promise of profitability - it is the traders responsibility to test and use the RSI Liberator in a profitable manner
When you purchase any of the following EAs: RSI Liberator, Wave Liberator, Profit Retriever, or Hedged EA, you can join the paid forum at an 80% discount for the first month. Please click here for full details: 80% off

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