(Trade with as little as $100 in a cent trading account - see details below)

Make profits no matter which way the price moves

When trading goes well, and our targets get hit all the time trading is heaven. Often, however, trades do not go in our favor. It is good to know that in those cases it is possible to make a profit from such unexpected occasions.

That is what the Profit Retriever does. It makes gains whether the price hits its target immediately and even when the price unexpectedly goes in the wrong direction using over 10 strategies based on price movements, lot sizing changes and profit targets.

So, there are many ways to make gains when the price moves in the wrong direction. Many of these methods carry high risk and other have controllable and calculated risks.

Various Strategies variations of a Martingale gambling approach that expose trader accounts to extremely high risk and require huge amounts to be available in the account to finance margins and carrying losses. The risks involved often are extremely high compared to the returns to be gained

One of the many strategies that the Profit Retriever has available takes an anti-Martingale or reverse-Martingale approach that eliminates all the negatives of the Martingale approach where lot sizing increases to often dangerous levels.

This strategy literally takes a reverse-Martingale and decreases lot sizing in such a way that the profit Retriever process results in the need for much smaller account sizes, produces much more robust results over a wide range trading instruments and produces exceptionally smooth equity charts.


The Profit Retriever uses the concept of adding to losing positions to dollar cost average your cost of open trades so that the smallest retracement will not only recover losses but also create a profit - hence the name Profit Retriever

Profit Retriever Settings & trading Strategies

Videos created to support the launch of the Profit Retriever

6. Flexible lot sizing strategies

This video introduces a number of new lot sizing strategies based on 2 phases of trading.

In phase 1 traders can decide whether to increase, decrease or maintain the same level of lot-sizing up or down to a the trader wants to use

Once the price reaches that level, phase 2 kicks in and the trader can then decide whether to increase, decrease or maintain the same level of lot-sizing up or down.

5. Manage risk by reducing lots sizing (not by increasing it)

Most loss recovery strategies use an increasing lot size to recover losses, The disadvantage is that you need an endless amount of money in your account and your account can easily be blown. This video shows that the reverse approach can add many advantages such as smaller account sizes, higher success rates

4. See the no loss Robot trading 

This is a great video to see the Robot in action. It shows the principles used by the Profit Retriever to average open trades so that only a small retracement is need to close the open trades profitably.  So the Robot makes profits whether the trades hit their target or not.

3. Use 1c accounts to trade aggressive strategies and portfolios

Many of the lot increasing strategies that can be used when trading the Profit Retriever requires large account sizing like $20 000. Portfolio traders will also require large amounts of capital to make strategies work. This videos show that how traders can use 1c accounts and as little as $200 to make the trading robots think they are trading $20 000 accounts

2. A review of Profit Retriever trading concepts

There are many ways of using Profit Retriever techniques - this video introduces some of the concepts. It also gives traders a view of what are the most important settings to pay attention to.

1.  Video to invite traders to test the Profit Retriever

This video introduces the profit Recovery Process and invites Paid Premium Forum members to test the trading Robot

The Owners Forum

The role of the Forum in your trading success

The Profit Retriever is a trading tool that allows you to trade many strategies. The description of many of the strategies happens in the owners Forum. Further forum members discuss the strategies that they have tested and share results and sometimes even settings. Participation in the Forum is essential if you you want to get the best out of this Robot

Here is a link to the Forum and the profit Retriever is the first item in the menu supplied in Forum main page:-  https://www.forextradingsetups.com/categories

Examples of Results achievable


With good risk control you should typically experience 3% to 8% return on your account per month. To increase return you will be exposing yourself to increased risk.

Huge accounts ($25 000) are required the more aggressive the strategies where the less aggressive one will require accounts of $2 000 to $5 000.

The strategies that should be used when trading the Profit Retriever should focus on Risk Management and smooth equity charts.

Below are examples of some of the strategies available in the Forum and typical equity charts and results.

Some strategies available in the owners Forum in the Expert4x Paid Premium Forum

6 month Gold strategy

6 month GBPUSD Strategy


IMPORTANT : Getting the best from the Profit Retriever

The Profit Retriever is best used on high leveraged accounts (100:1 or higher) and depending on the strategies you select will require above average sized accounts ($8000 to $25000) to trade only one strategy on one chart using 0.01 lots. It is also best traded in a portfolio of 4 to 5 different instruments and strategies.

The Robot many require the use of 1c live accounts. Information and discussions regarding 1c Broker accounts has already taken place during the testing and that information is available in the forum.

Please bear in mind that the Robot comes without specific settings. Guidance is given regarding the many strategies that are trade-able but it is up to traders to experiment to find settings what meet their trading requirements. This is generally done through done by optimization, back testing and forward testing many alternatives. Most of these activities will be discussed and presented in the forum so it is possible to copy other traders successes and trading results to obtain settings if traders lack more advanced skills.

New robot owners should study all the strategies available and after viewing the videos supplied decide of a trading approach to follow.

Initial Owner feedback

"Absolute GOLD gentleman! Absolute GOLD! Ã°Å¸ËœÂ  This has me so excited ... Thanks @devitor1    Thanks Expert4x for creating the bot with EAfactory! "

Premium forum member comment  12 Feb 2022

"....a really remarkable start. I have never seen any EA do this, with wins on all but one of the main FX symbols"

Premium Forum Member comment 11 Feb 2022

Useful Profit Retriever Videos

View the whole video, or seclect the topic you would like to watch by clicking on the Time shown on the left

00:00:00 Introduction  00:00:17 Guidance 80% will succeed  00:00:44 25 areas covered  00:02:38 How the Profit Retriever trades  00:07:54 Marketing page  00:11:46 40 YouTube PR videos 00:12:55 PR User Manual 00:15:07 Trading Instruments 00:16:37 Account size 00:19:27 Account Leverage 00:20:16 Decreasing Lot size strategy 00:20:27 Increasing the Gap size 00:20:40 Small Lotsizing and Big Gaps 00:29:47 Manual Intervention 00:31:10 High Drawdowns 00:32:20 Example of drawdowns 00:34:29 Combined strategies 00:34:54 Currency Types 00:37:45 Spread considerations 00:38:51 Know all settings 00:39:58 The most important settings 00:41:27 Demo Account testing 00:42:57 Example of 30 demo accounts 00:45:47 Creating live trading options 00:46:35 Example of portfolios 00:47:08 Example of traded settings 00:48:07 PR Trades on charts 00:49:32 Linked account portfolio 00:50:06 PR Portfolio results 00:50:24 Blown accounts in portfolios 00:52:13 Experiment 00:52:51 Finding Linked Act Strategies 00:58:01 Examples of great PR success 00:58:55 Optimised PR settings 01:00:54 Premium forum resources 01:01:33 Use all the items shown 01:02:14 Close


The video shows how the Profit Retriever was designed to NEVER have a daily loss. See examples how this is happening in actual trading

The video shows your the proven successful Profit Retriever settings you can copy

At the beginning of May 2023 we added a new strategy to the Profit retriever. For mare details about this strategy and the upgrade please use this link:




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  • Upgrades are free
  • The Profit Retriever is suitable for US Broker accounts from a Hedging and FIFO perspective buy low leverage could be a limitation requiring higher account balances

As settings are not provided for the Profit Retriever, we believe that forum membership and participation is key to the successful use of this trading robot, which is why becoming a Paid Forum Member is highly recommended. Strategies and Settings are shared by Forum members on an ongoing basis.

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