Background and History

Before 2021 all Expert4x trading Robots were swing trading (periods of a few months) Robots. Expert4x recently had 2 trading competitions where the winners used our swing trading Robots to create day trading strategies with much faster settings and one directional approaches.

This created 2 Day trading versions of our best Swing trading Robots. The Make Money Day Trader and the Trend Trader was born. The trend trader uses a Grid system to enter trades and a Moving average to identify the trend. Both were beta tested for a few months in our paid forum with very valuable input being received and improvement suggestions.

The result is a trading Robot that can be used in 3 ways.

  1. It can be used for short term (up to a month) swing trading
  2. It can be used as a Day Trader trading specific strategies less than 24 hours. All trades can be closed at specific times during the day.
  3. The strategies can very effectively be used to pass the Proprietary Trading (FTMO) qualification tests to become a professional trader.


A shown by the highlighted headings in the picture on the left the settings have been arranged in a logic order of trading decision making.

There is a detailed user manual providing detailed information about each setting

Please watch these videos for a review of the settings

  1. High level review
  2. Trading zone
  3. Account targets and stops
  4. Day trading targets and stops
  5. Time of day settings
  6. Key critical settings

3 Strategies for using the Trend Trader

The Set and Forget strategy




The Day Trading Strategy


The Proprietary Trading Strategy