The Cyber Monday bundle has been created for beginner and more experienced Robot traders to create a portfolio of trending and sideways trading robots. When you purchase this bundle you receive 4 versions of each Robot. An MT4 and MT5 version and a Plug-n-Play and regular version of each.


The Plug-n-Play versions are meant for beginners to start trading as quickly as possible as the best currencies and best settings are built into Robot which make using them very easy.

The 60% off Bundle Special..

The Bundle consists of:


The Dream Machine EA,

Make Money EA

and the Grid Trend Multiplier EA


Please click on the links provided above to see full details of these 3 trading Robots

Please watch these videos for more information:

NEW BONUS: As an added bonus we are adding our new PERFORMANCE ANALYSER and the CURRENCY SELECTOR to your package. The performance analyser helps you manage many Forex Robots on 1 trading account. This will help you to trade, manage, monitor and test a portfolio of different Forex Robots at the same time. The Currency selector will help you find sideways and trending currencies. For more details please use these links: PERFORMANCE ANALYSER            CURRENCY SELECTOR

When you purchase this BUNDLE, the items below become freely downloadable as FREE BONUSES from the product download EAFactory website. Click on the button to see more details >>

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All Prices are in USD

New and Existing Clients please use this PayPal Button to purchase  $380

Existing clients: As this is a very special bundle there is NO further 50% off. Manual refunds of the 3 pre-owned EAs will be provided at $83 EACH for MakeMoney, DreamMachine, Grid Trend Multiplier. Please purchase the Bundle at $380 and apply for the refund using the CONTACT US facility in the menu above.

There are no further discounts when purchasing with Crypto