Learn how you can get ALL the Expert4x trading tools for FREE

When opening and funding an FXChoice trading account you will receive Expert4x robots of your choice:-

  1. A funded $1000 account will entitle you to any of the trading Robots / Tools listed on the Expert4x main website at the page:  EXPERT4X
  2. A funded $2000 account will entitle you to the 10 EA bundle of Robots and Tools shown on this link:  MAIN BUNDLE
  3. A Funded $4000 account will entitle you to ALL the Expert4x Robots shown of this webpage link:  ALL EXPERT4X PRODUCTS
  4. Over and above this offer you will receive a 15% bonus on your deposit. So for instance $4000 becomes $4600 in your account

These deals make really good sense as Expert4x, in general, suggests 0.01 lot sizing for every $1000 in your account when trading most of our Trading Robots

For more information about FXChoice please visit their website at  FXCHOICE

3 Easy steps to getting your Expert4x Robots and Account bonuses

VERY IMPORTANT: Please use the button above to activate your trading account. This will link your FXChoice account to Expert4x for speedy delivery and identify your account as qualifying for this offer

Terms and conditions of this offer

  • You do not automatically qualify for this promotion by opening or having an account directly with participating brokers. The start date of this promotion is 13 May 2021
  • This deal is intended for NEW Broker Clients. If you have an existing account with your broker of choice you may not qualify.
  • You have to use the specific buttons or links provided by the promoter of the free Robot deals to activate the promotion. This process also activates quick delivery of your selected Robots
  • Please note that there are no refunds for pre-owned Expert4x products when these deals are taken up.
  • You should do your own due diligence about whether the broker or the robot will suit your needs. Neither Expert4x, the Promoter or the Broker is can assist in this personal decision. Please use the information that is already public to assist your decision.
  • As always Expert4x, the broker and the promoter of these deals can not be held responsible for any losses made by using these robots. Trading is extremely risky