The Performance Analyser

Manage many Forex Robots & Manual Strategies on 1 trading account.

One of the problems about using many strategies and/or many Robots in one Trading account is that all the trades get lumped together in the open trade and closed trade sections of the account. This makes it very difficult to tell the true performance of each strategy or Forex robot.

The Performance Analyser allows you to trade and manage many strategies and Forex robots at the same time using 1 Forex account.  This allows you to save money on VPS or Computer costs by doing all your trading on 1 account and still having a detailed profitability breakdown and management control.

This is particularly advantageous for traders who use the risk diversification approach of trading Forex Robots in a balanced portfolio of many Forex Robots of Strategies.

Features of the Performance Analyser

The Detailed view gives you a comprehensive analysis of each robot and manual trading strategy you are using including a total section

The Summary table gives you a quick view of the performance of every account

The Currency Exposure table shows your trading exposure for every currency traded. This is used to identify currencies facing the wrong way in a strong trend

The Floating, Account, Market and Execution tables provide valuable trading information relating to the overall trading account

Performance Analyser Table management features

The video on the right illustrates how you can manage the Performance Analyser EA

  1. Size (+/-)
  2. Tab Display
  3. Shine / Fade
  4. Fold away (^)
  5. Detailed table layout options (Columns/Rows)
  6. Number colouring (Positive and negative colours)
  7. Help (?)
  8. Night and Day settings
  9. Sortable columns
  10. Table layout
  11. Coloured Numbering
  12. Naming of the Robots and Strategies

Please watch this video to see the ways you can manage the presentation of this valuable tool

As can be seen in the above video the Performance Analyser creates a link between the Forex Robot Magic number and the description of that Robot that you give it in the EA input. So ideally use unique and short magic numbers for all Forex robots you trade. Also, as shown in the video, create a short reference number and description for every Manual trading  technique you use and then enter the reference number in the comment facility when you open manual trades

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The Performance Analyser is available in MT4 and MT5 versions. It comes with 1 licence. You can use it as often as you like, on as many accounts as you like, as long as you do not use it on more than 2 computers at the same time.  Upgrades and ongoing support is free.


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