Nobody is is an expert at anything straight away. Everybody starts and a beginner at most activities requiring skills

As a beginner you may need some trading experience and general Forex trading exposure to as many aspects of Forex trading theories and strategies. You should not  specialise in any technique too soon.

We would suggest:

Step 1: Open a demo account and start trading. It does not matter what your results are and how you guess where entries, stops and target need to be. Do your trading while doing steps 2 and 3.  You can use any broker

Step 2:The best free beginners Forex course in the industry can be found here:- https://www.babypips.com/learn/forex

Step 3: After you have completed that course our Simple-n-Easy series will give you a good overview of the majority of trading techniques use to trade the Forex market.  All the modules are freely downloadable from our Forum from this link:-  https://forum.moneymakingforextools.com/?forum=633491

Step 4: After this process of introducing you to learning and trading strategies and skills you can decide whether you want to be a manual trader or use automated Robots. You can make this decision after you have done the first 3 steps.

Please contact us if you need help with this decision.

It is critical that you know about money management, risk management, system testing and position sizing before doing any Forex robot trading.

Also please watch these videos for more information about Forex Robots:-