The Magic Moving Average Forex Expert Advisor and Course


The Magic Moving Average Forex Expert Advisor and Course

The Magic Moving Average and EA Management Course


A few years ago Expert4x launched a hands-on manual trading Magic Moving Average course. It was a particularly interesting technique as this technique does not use any stops or targets. Entries and exits are determined by the price crossing over the Magic Moving Average.

We now have an Expert Advisor that will help you:

*    Automate Your Trading, remedy

*    Use it for scalping and long term trading, discount

*    Test and optimise the technique until you are confident about its success, buy viagra

*    Find out which are the best currencies to trade,

*    Find out which are the best times of day to use scalping techniques,

*    Find the best day of the week to use this technique



The Moving Average Crossover System


The moving average crossover system is no secret. It is the first one we all learn. It is by far the most successful technique tested on stock market data over 100 years. The technique is simple. You enter a buy when the price closes above the moving average for the first time. You enter a sell when the price first closes below the moving average for the first time. A buy entry can also be the close for the next sell transaction. The sell entry can also be the close for the next buy transaction. It needs a trending market to succeed and can produce many whipsaws in a sideways market. You can stop and start trading the system at any time and you can refine the system with following stops and targets. By it’s nature there is only one transaction active at any one time for every application on the technique. You have a choice to trade as many currencies and time frames as you like.

So what gives this system the potential to produce great positive results? It is trading the most appropriate volatile currency, at the most appropriate time of day or day of the week, using the most appropriate MA period and offset settings, with the appropriate target or following stop on a long term or day trading basis. This EA comes with these initial suggested settings and shows you how to manage them into the future.

Using this functional automated EA you are in control of (You can use your own settings)


The Magic Moving Average Forex Expert Advisor and Course

EURJPY: 1585 pips in 2 trades earlier this year


  • Up to 2 periods during the day you wish to trade
  • The day of the week you trade
  • The period and offset settings you use for the Magic MA
  • The currency you use
  • The time frame you wish to trade in
  • The size of your trades
  • The targets you will use
  • The following stop size you want to use
  • You can trade as many Currency crosses as you wish at the same time
  • No stops are used as the moving average crossover, a trailing stop and the target acts as your exits.

What the course will teach you:


  • How to test the EA
  • How to find suitable Magic MA settings for every currency and every time frame
  • How to manage the EA on an ongoing basis.
  • How to find the best days to trade – certain days are 100% more profitable than others.
  • How to find the best time of day to trade – during certain times of the day you will lose money if you trade. There are other times that are highly profitable.
  • How to find the best time frame to trade – Certain time frames make 200% more pips than others.
  • Most importantly, under what conditions the MA cross over technique works and then it doesn’t work
  • This EA is not only an automated trading tool, it is also a diagnostic and optimisation tool. You can use it to find currencies, time frames and settings specific to your personal Forex trading needs and trading times.

Testing results achieved using this the Magic MA Expert Advisor


Testing results have been positive for all time frames with an average gain of between 100 and 300 pips a month over 24 month testing assuming 1 lot trading and only 1 transaction is active at any one time using optimised settings. Some of the gains were made in a short one hour period. The gains are generally substantially higher (Up to 10 times) than the losses i.e. good return on risk.


Buy the Magic EA and Course today


Click Below to purchase the Magic EA and course for $140.

IMPORTANT: There is an immediate download after your purchase. Please stay on the Paypal payment confirmation page until you are directed to the sign up page after 2 minutes. Watch your emails for a confirmation which you need to respond to – remember to check your junk mail folders.

*   Conditions of purchase: Historical performance is no guarantee of future performance. There are therefore no guarantees of future performance given by Expert4x. As we can not guarantee future performance there is a no refund policy based on future trading performance. The product you are purchasing is intellectual property in the form of knowledge and a very flexible Forex trading and diagnostic tool that has performed very well in the past using optimised settings, as described on this webpage. Please contact us it you need any further information about the product before making your purchase.


  • Existing clients who own any Expert4x EA’s can purchase this EA at 50% discount – Merely log into your EAFactory account to access the 50% discount PayPal button.

Why you should buy this EA:


  • Simple technique suitable for a total beginner but efficient enough for an experienced trader
  • Robust results using appropriate currencies and time frames.
  • Easy and logical to follow trades on trading charts.
  • Average Gains are up to 10 times bigger than average losses using this system.
  • You get 2 personal licenses so you can use it on up to 2 trading facilities (VPS, Desktop, Laptop etc.) at the same time.
  • Education on the use, testing, optimisation and determining of settings for this Expert Advisor.
  • You will receive the manual used for the “Magic Moving Average” course for free (Worth $35)

The Magic Moving Average Forex Expert Advisor and Course

Questions and Answers


Can you supply detailed trading records of the results achieved to date?

No we don’t. Essentially you are buying a functional Expert Advisor which will allow you to trade the moving average crossover system in any way you want using any time frame, any currency, any MA setting, any MA offset, any following stop, any target, any stop, any day of the week. It also allows you to select up to 2 periods of the day to trade.

Furthermore, you receive an EA management course which will show you how to find the settings that have worked best in the past, how to test your intended settings, how to use heatmaps to find suitable settings and how to find test data to do your tests on.

Although we supply initial recommended settings we hope that you will purchase this Expert Advisor for what it does and could possibly do for you in the future and not based on marketing hype. If you can’t make a Forex decision without Hype then this Expert Advisor is not for you.


Is there a money back guarantee on the Expert4x Daily Pivot EA?

Our Expert Advisor does exactly what has been described above. There is no profit guarantee. It has been user tested before the launch. We can’t think of any reason why a client would ask for a refund, especially after the whole basis of the trading technique has been fully disclosed on this webpage. So please purchase without anticipating a refund.


Is this a plug and play EA or an EA trading course?

It is both – if you want to trust the initial settings provided, you can use those to follow a plug and play EA trading approach and be trading within minutes of purchasing the EA. We have a quick start guide for you.

If you however also want to know the Forex trading principles on which this EA is based, how to test it, how to update the settings in the future and much more, you can use the supporting EA management guides provided.

The ability to test and refine the Magic Moving Average Expert Advisor is the main difference between the EAs normally marketed and the Expert4x EAs. Our Magic Moving Average Expert Advisor is not a black box EA – We have maximised the user controlled variables and explained how the EA works.

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